ADMIT IT (2021)

Writer • Director • Producer • Editor

At the entirely unremarkable Oakbridge High, a spunky reporter named Olive Martel uncovers a mystery that plunges her small-town life into chaos…

Admit It is an original narrative podcast created, written, and directed by Benedict Chiu & Grant Singer. Starring Jillian Ruvalcaba and Jay Lee (AMERICAN VANDAL, LOOKING FOR ALASKA).

Listener reviews

I was immediately sucked into Oakbridge High School and its lovable students within the first minute of this podcast. Truly brilliant storytelling through great direction and a vibrant ensemble of voices... the world felt so alive! I became emotionally attached to every character and I will now be shipping Olive and Alvin forever. #Olvin. I’m hoping for a season two so that I can continue to binge this wonderful series! Excellent writing excellent performances = my favorite podcast!
“Admit It” is everything I look for in these shows and didn’t know I needed until this point. I started episode 1 and didn’t stop listening until the series was over. Everything works together perfectly well and the story is the perfect combo of intriguing/funny/relatable/unpredictable. Hats off to everyone involved. A must listen.
One of the best narrative pods I’ve ever heard